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About the Healing Rooms

The Healing Rooms are a multi-congregational, Christian outreach ministry to those in the Napa Valley and beyond that are in need of healing.  People who are in need of healing come to the Healing Rooms during the above listed hours to receive prayer.  They meet with a trained team of people who believe God still heals today.  Basic biblical instruction is given, prayer takes place, and then faith links with the powerful presence of God to bring healing and restoration. 

Recognizing the need for healing isn’t limited to just the physical body, prayer for the whole person--body, soul and spirit takes place.  The Healing Rooms team is happy to pray with people for their emotional, spiritual and relational needs as well as physical problems.  The team members are not counselors—so it is not a counseling session, although biblical counsel may be shared. 

The Healing Rooms is a ministry of prayer and we believe that God answers prayer! 

No fee is charged for the prayer ministry offered by the Healing Rooms; however tax-deductible donations are gratefully received.   


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Psalm 103:3

We serve a God “Who pardons all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases

We are a  ministry team of approximately 40 Christians from over twelve different congregations who come together weekly to provide healing prayer and help for any in need in the Napa community and beyond.  We pray for all kinds of healing needs:  physical, emotional, relational, financial, mental and spiritual.  


Here are several ways we can serve you:


Scheduled appointments on Wednesdays between 10:30am to Noon and 7:00-8:30pm

To schedule an appointment for prayer please email  with your requested time. Appointments take place at the Napa Foursquare Church 1906 Wise Drive in Napa and usually last approximately 30 minutes.  A scheduler will respond to your email request and confirm your scheduled date and time



E-Mailed prayer requests.  Emailed prayer requests to will be sent to a team of people for prayer and also will be assigned to a specific team on Wednesdays for prayer.  Often words, pictures or scriptures received during prayer will be written down and then forwarded back to you.



Scheduled “Mobile Team” appointment on Wednesdays between 10:30am to Noon and 7:00-8:30pm  A team will come to locations within the city of Napa for those who are unable to come to the church facility.  Mobile appoints are scheduled through the same email





Please note, we no longer service “walk in” appointments.

Our vision includes the Healing Rooms ministry serving as a hub of equipping for Christians to learn how to rise above congregational/denominational lines, “hear God”, move by faith with the direction and power of the Holy Spirit, minister in a team setting, function as a kingdom community and get people healed, saved and delivered in every way.


Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.

Freely you received, freely give.     Mathew 10:8


Currently we have approximately 40 team members from over 12 different congregations.  We have ministered in thousands of prayer sessions and experienced God’s healing touch and miracles in many lives.


The Healing Rooms of Napa Valley are under the covering of the International Associations of Healing Rooms (IAHR) based out of Spokane, Washington (  There are now hundreds of healing rooms all over this nation and around the world.   The Healing Rooms of Napa Valley was opened in November 2002. 

Text Box: No fee is charged for the prayer ministry offered by the Healing Rooms; however tax-deductible donations are gratefully received.    

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