(During different seasons we have utilized various ministry expressions to serve Godís purposes.

In this current season there are four primary ministry expressions of Napa Arise.)


Prayer Arise:†

The Napa Valley Prayer Center (on site at First Christian Church-2659 First Street in Napa, CA) is a room specially set up and decorated for various leadership teams, small groups or families to gather for a time of strategic prayer over the influential realms of our culture:† religion, family, education, government, media, arts & entertainment and business (often called the seven mountains of a culture).†† Please request a detailed brochure for a full description by emailing info@napaarise.com.



The Healing Rooms of Napa Valley:

A ministry team of approximately 40 Christians from over twelve different congregations come together weekly to provide healing prayer and help for any in need in the Napa community and beyond.† We pray for all kinds of healing needs:† physical, emotional, relational, financial, mental and spiritual.††

†††††† Click Here to Read More about our Healing Rooms and to schedule an appointment



Kingdom Clinics:

Four to six weeks of sessions held in spring and fall which target specific topics that equip Christians to mature in their intimacy with God, character of Christ and demonstration of the kingdom of God.† Details and dates of upcoming clinics are available by e-mailing info@napaarise.com



Networking & Mentoring of Christian Leaders/Congregations:†

Bobbi Hicks and other ministry associates are available for prayer, consulting, mentoring, teaching and equipping of Christian pastors, leaders and congregations in the areas of prayer, intimacy with God, kingdom of God dynamics, spiritual warfare, deliverance, healing and personal freedom in Christ.† Please e-mail Bobbi at info@napaarise.com for further inquiries.