Napa Arise has the core belief that all creation

exists to reveal and praise God. 

We exist to “house” the glory of God so His manifest presence is seen and experienced in the earth.  This is the purpose of creation.  Every person, community and region has its own destiny to know and reveal the glory of God in its own uniquely designed way.  However, because of mankind’s sin and the works of Satan, this purpose of creation is threatened, defiled and thwarted.  The person and work of Jesus Christ breaks the power that would “lock up” the glory destiny of individuals and communities.  Jesus provides the truth, forgiveness, healing, and delivering power needed for destinies to be freed and people to walk in dominion over sin and Satan.


Another core belief of Napa Arise is that

the church is made up of many congregations

It is our desire to come alongside local congregations who are Christ following and Bible believing to partner in the equipping and mobilizing of Christians into their God given purpose.  We also believe we are to create events and vehicles that can bring Christians from various congregations to work together for God’s kingdom purposes in the Napa Valley.


Napa Arise exists to call people and communities

into their God designed destinies

This involves recognizing and celebrating God’s purpose in people.  It also involves helping connect people with the presence and power of Jesus for their lives.  When Jesus’ loving power is experienced people are able to change their wrong thinking and choices (repent), receive and give forgiveness and then get healed and delivered.  Napa Arise participates in this powerful love of Christ, which frees people to grow into their God given destinies.  When individuals get free they make the way for communities to get free.




Napa Arise has been ministering in the Napa Valley for over a decade. The leadership of Napa Arise is committed to listening to what the Spirit of God is saying to the church and watching in prayer for the purposes of God for the current season.  We also are growing in spiritual warfare and weaponry for the Napa Valley.  We ask and explore these types of questions:

· What are the city/regional strongholds? 

· What are the good weapons that will overcome evil?

· Our desire is to provide spiritual warfare insights and implementation into the body of Christ—to help the Bride of Christ get free, cleaned up, and mighty in order to take cities, regions and nations.


Mission & Vision


To call the generations into their destiny by partnering with Christians & congregations in Napa Valley to usher people into the presence of God

·       Through intimate worship, prayer and care

·       So we overflow with God’s presence, transforming our community


Values & Strategies:


To Grow and Provide an Atmosphere Where…

· WORSHIP is expressed through intimate relationship with God and His word

· LOVE is expressed through forgiveness, serving and honoring others

· HUMILITY is expressed through repentance and reconciliation

· GRATITUDE is expressed through thanksgiving, praise and life-giving words (blessing)

· RESPONSIBILITY is expressed through a disciplined life-style of holiness

· FREEDOM is expressed through healing, deliverance and walking in dominion

· REPRODUCTION is expressed through the nurture and release of God’s generational purposes

· GOD’S HEART FOR ISRAEL is embraced